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Hagen Exo Terra LED Hygrometer - 1 Piece

Hagen Exo Terra LED Hygrometer. Precise indication of relative air humidity. Remote sensor Control at the touch of one button. Minimum/maximum memory. Batteries included. Size L 4.6 x W 1.8 x H 4 cm. Batteries are included in the delivery of many appliances that help e.g. to

Hagen Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp (75W & 100W) - 75 Watt

Hagen Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp. A lamp specially designed as a basking spot lamp. The tight beam can be directed precisely on an area to create a sport for your reptile to bask in the sun. The heat and light of the beam is increased by 35% allowing greater distanc