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Natural Home IV Cat Tree - Beige

The Natural Home IV cat tree has lots of different places where your cat can play or hide away. Your pet is bound to discover the perfect place to chill out. This lovely cat tree is made from premium quality natural materials. It is suitable for larger cat families and there

Cat Toilet Cabrio - bordeaux red / cream speckled

The Cat Toilet Cabrio is a must for every cat home. The Cat Toilet Cabrio front can be locked from the top thereby enabling simply cleaning at any time. Simply unlock the front from above remove litter with a trowel lock and hey presto finished. The litter scoop which is not

Cat Den Maisonette - 70 x 50 x 73 cm (L x W x H)

Your cat is bound to appreciate its own four walls and a cute maisonette is the perfect place to hide away. This little cat house is weatherproof so it can be used outside in the garden or on the patio. There are transparent slats on the door so that your pet feels protected

Cat Tunnel beige with Scratch Mat - ca. 145 x 30 x 28 cm (L x W x H)

This cat tunnel will soon be your cat´s favourite place to play! The rustling tunnel in a caramel beige colour is very popular with cats who like to hide. The plush covered tunnel is fixed to the base plate with a firm tube and a brush covered arch making it very stable.

10 kg Sanabelle + Cat Tunnel in Green & White - Free 10 kg Sensitive with Lamb

Please note This offer is only available with purchase of this item 319650. Cat tunnels are definitely one of cat's favourite toys. This rustling nylon tunnel will stimulate your cat's playing and hunting instincts and instantly create an adventure playground for all cats la

Eyenimal Pet Camera - Complete Video Set

Free-roaming cats have a great time. But wouldnt you love to know what adventures they have who they meet? Heres the ideal gadget for anyone whos curious about what their pet gets up to when they are out and about. This tiny camera weighs only 35 g and fits on most pet colla