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JBL ProFlora m602 - Profi 1

The new JBL ProFlora CO2 systems meet all the wishes of aquarium enthusiasts Extendable CO2 diffuser JBL Taifun whenever more CO2 is needed whether due to denser planting a larger aquarium or because a lower pH level is required the JBL Taifun can be easily extended. New pre

JBL Artemio Complete Set - 1 Piece

The set consists of a cultivation device with a stand air pump and 1.8 air hose. Collection container and artemio sieve (0.15 mm mesh size) are also included. The container is so constructed that the air from the aerator can be directed to other cultivation devices. The funn

JBL Ceramic Cave

Cave made of fired neutral clay. Ideal for furnishing fresh water aquariums. Offers cave/den breeders (catfish perciformes etc.) the ideal place to lay eggs outside of breeding time a popular spot to hide out. Aquatic Supply Aquarium Plants & Decoration. Aquatic Supply Aqu